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Our Ear Wax Candles are made of the best quality materials and are environmentally friendly.

They are a natural holistic treatment available for all.


  • Enjoy a spa or salon experience in your own home for a fraction of the cost!
  • Cleanse your ears the natural way
  • Fragrance: A selection of aromatic scents
  • Colours: Assorted range
  • Material: Beeswax / Cotton
  • Natural Hollow Tapered Candles
  • Length: Approximately 25 CM
  • Comprises unbleached cotton and beeswax conforming to environmental requirements
  • Our safety warning line advises the user where to cut down burning candle for safety
  • Keep your ears feeling fresh and clean
  • Can relax nerves, reduce tinnitus and improve your quality of sleep.
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Ear Wax Candling Demonstration - Full Video
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Watch Our Informative Demonstration Video Below. Hit Play and Enjoy!

My husband normally stays clear of anything ‘alternative’ but after suffering for a few weeks with blocked ears we persuaded him to give ear candling a go. He was very surprised by the excellent results and can now hear so much clearer. He is now asking me to make sure we order again!

Abigail Thomas - Bristol, UK

These ear candles are such good value for money. The instructions are very clear on the website for anyone not familiar with using them. I love the assorted colours and fragrants with each pack. I have tried them all out and they removed a lot of wax in one go.

Hannah Stewart - Glasgow, Scotland

Works GREAT! My ears had been blocked for quite a while due to my excessive ear wax production. I tried everything and all I achieved was a smaller bank balance. On first use, my problem was greatly alleviated with this procedure and it was relaxing and absolutely pain free. I would recommend anyone with ear problems, especially wax build up, to try out these ear candles.

Michael Hanson - Manchester, UK

I am a professional beauty therapist and usually pay about £6.80 for a pair of ear candles, so was slightly dubious that these would be inferior and not work well. I was so pleased as I found that my clients were very happy and completely satisfied with the results of the treatment. The new, less expensive ear candles did exactly the same job that the expensive candles had done. Have put in another order today for the new Spa/Salon pack which is amazing value!

Vivian Summers - London, UK

Thanks to the seller for this great product. These ear candles have a delicate pleasant aroma, and are safe to use, with the protective tip. Great idea to use the ear discs if you want to be extra careful. When I used the ear wax candles I could hear a slight crackling and pop noise, which helped the congestion in the ears, and soothed the inflammation with gentle heat and massage. The end result of using these candles was a great improvement with my sinus circulation.

Jack Simpson - Axminster,

Received safe and sound! I have used these many times before and find them quite relaxing to use.

Leah Demarco - Durham, UK

We use this site regularly to purchase our beeswax ear candles. Haven’t found a better deal, and the website is so easy to find your way around. Free shipping with all orders so more great value.

Ashley Barrington - Brighton, UK

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